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I'm an Otaku, too...

28 May 1991
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Hey there = ) My interests spans a greater scope than what that measly little box above me implies. But generally I am a slash fanfiction writer, and my current buzz is Metal Gear Solid and Final Fantasy XII. But I generally don't get to actually finishing/publishing what I write because it's generally a lot of useless drivel.

I've decided to become more active on LJ lately because after posting a moderately explicit Nero x Dante (Devil May Cry 4) fanfic, and receiving so many wonderful comments and favourites, deviantart felt it necessary to go ahead and delete it on the grounds that it was obscene. But they will allow a photograph of a nude woman to become a daily deviation. So I figured here freedom of speech is pretty much guaranteed, as long as a warning is provided. So here I am. = ) Though I primarily use LJ to read others' work, or to alleviate writer's block, I will post some of my stuff on here. And I hope you either like it or, if you don't, you give some time to offer some concrit.