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My Mother.

... Wow.


She complains about having no money because she is in a crap, low-paid job. She complains about her boyfriend who she doesn't really want to be with.

She is given an opportunity to increase her wages considerably, and the way to secure the job is to pass a basic university module. Not even a proper, three-year university course, just a two month long course. And she's talking about quitting it because it's 'too hard.'

I am very sympathetic to the fact that she has not written anything remotely academic since she was in school, thirty-four years ago. So I have told her the do's and don'ts, offered her my advice. And she, every step of the way, ignores it and does the opposite. Then says she is quitting, that she feels lost.

I am being as helpful as I can be without incurring collosion or plagiarism accusations. What more can I do? She complains about women being able to walk into a highly paid job, whereas she has to do these university modules. But those people walk into highly paid jobs because they studied at university. You don't get far these days without a bit of luck and a degree. She has always told me this, and now she is thinking of quitting - something she would never allow me to do, had I even wanted to - and it's just so hypocritical and stupid.


At least now she can appreciate how hard it is for me at university, I guess...