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Ooh, you touch my tra la la...

Well, I feel significantly better than I did at the weekend. I only have one exam left and my second year at University will have come to a close, if I pass everything (which I will. There's no way I can fail anything, I've worked too hard, damnit). I'm gonna miss it when I'm back at home, however - Going home for me is like what going back to his Uncle's was for Harry Potter - undeniably shit. Keele Uni is officially my Hogwarts :)

My final 'proper' year as a student at the Uni will commence from september this year. Where the hell has time gone? I remember my first day, getting lost while trying to find my way to my first Philosophy lecture and being reassured by the boy who would soon become my boyfriend. I remember thinking I'd never make any friends or enjoy myself, kind of like how I didn't really at College that much.

But look at me now!

I'm a little worried about the third year. It counts for the majority of my degree, and it's gonna be hella tough. Not just because of the workload, but because of the stress I will undoubtedly feel when it comes to my boyfriend.

Being a good girlfriend, friend and person in general, I worry about him. He is incredibly intelligent, but always leaves his assignments to the last minute. He does very well despite this, but he will not be able to do so next year. I have told him the same this year, only to be waved away. Told not to worry about him, that I'm stressing him out, that I'm nagging.

Honestly, I'm not trying to do any of those things. I just worry that his system of doing an essay the night before it's due will come and bite him in the ass. The other housemates have told me not to bother telling him about it, that a fall will teach him his lesson, but I don't want that. I want him to do well. Hence the alleged nagging.

Maybe if I did let him get on with things and experience a fall, it would teach him, but I honestly don't think that it would. And I'd feel awful for him. I genuinely just want him to do well, and for everyone else to know it, too, because he is truly the most intelligent boy I've ever encountered.

We'll see, I guess. I may still have a positive influence yet.