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Two posts in one day?

... I must have something to rant about!

My Mom is being a bit selfish. She turns 50 this Friday, and on Saturday, her boyfriend wants to take her to London, because she has never been to London before and she's always wanted to go.

But with the rioting, understandably, her boyfriend has become a bit wary of going. Mom took this opportunity to have a moan about how whenever she plans to go to London, 'something always gets in the way, like I'm fated not to go.'

Urm, I'm sorry, what?

Anti-rioting cup of tea sit-in, completeCollapse )


I feel a lot better today. I had a bit of a cry about my Nan after seeing her obituary in the newspaper (or, at least, in the online version of the newspaper), and then had a small, nice drink for her.

Tomorrow is the funeral, and I went to the student house in Newcastle and picked up some of my smart clothes for tomorrow. I'm going to show them to my Mom and let her decide what is most appropriate - I have been fortunate enough, at twenty years of age, to have only attended one funeral so far, but I was still quite young then and wasn't too sure of what was going on. I don't want to offend anyone by dressing inappropriately or anything - that's not what I'm there for.

This is... Hmm.

Okay, so. I had a phonecall yesterday from my Uncle and Aunt from my father's side. My Nana has died.

I saw her only twice in the last ten years, through hardly any fault of my own - my father lived with my Nana after the divorce, and just never left her house. So, when he told us not to bother seeing him again, naturally, we never saw our Nana again either.

A lot of text is hidden beneath this cut...Collapse )

Itchy, itchy feet... And fingers...

So, I arrived back from Seoul, South Korea on Sunday.

I am excited to begin my final year of my degree at Keele Uni in September (though I am slightly dreadful of the amount of reading and work that will be asked of me!). I am looking forward to seeing my boyfriend for the first time since before I left for Korea this weekend. I am excited to celebrate my Mom's 50th birthday in a few weeks time.

At the moment, I am in this weird state of mind, where I wanna get up, get out and do things - But I find myself stricken with such a potent case of sluggishness that nothing is happening at all, and I find myself watching daytime TV and finding even video games too taxing.


I've got Seoul, but I'm not a Seouldier...Collapse )


My Mother.

... Wow.


WeeeeeeeeeeeeeeCollapse )

Barry M is the best!

I normally don't do this sort of thing, but I think I am in love with Barry M Cosmetics.

No, I haven't been paid off, and no I don't have a job there (I wish...). They're cheap, they don't test on animals, they're very high quality products and most of all, their products are funky.

I only have nail varnish-y stuff at the moment. I've got bright 'popping' colours, pastels and darker colours, and they're all so so so so gooooood!

Urgh. I'm being such a girl right now but I love them so much, and anyone who disagrees is stupid <3

I think it looks better on the brighter base colours, but the instant nail effects is now a personal favourite =]

I've got Seoul!

In just over 2 weeks' time, I'll be going to South Korea for a month.

I. Am. So. READY!!

I think I'm beginning to annoy my family with my constant talking about it, but hell, this is pretty epic. It's deserving of conversation, I think.

Sure, this trip is expensive, though it's been subsidised by the uni. But this is such an epic opportunity that not going, or at least not applying, for near enough any reason, would have been stupid.

There's going to be tea ceremonies, the DMZ, museums, palaces, live shows, K-pop, penis parks, hot springs, cinema, a temple stay... I am psyched! I'm gonna miss everyone tonnes but this is such a big opportunity, and I couldn't not have taken it. I've always been told to pursue stuff like this, because opportunity doesn't knock often.

Sure, it's actually a summer school programme, but 3 hours of lectures in the afternoon is NOTHING. We have a whole month to explore a new place! With cheap food and stuff!


Ooh, you touch my tra la la...

Well, I feel significantly better than I did at the weekend. I only have one exam left and my second year at University will have come to a close, if I pass everything (which I will. There's no way I can fail anything, I've worked too hard, damnit). I'm gonna miss it when I'm back at home, however - Going home for me is like what going back to his Uncle's was for Harry Potter - undeniably shit. Keele Uni is officially my Hogwarts :)

Cha-Cha, real smoothCollapse )

Angry Rant Time!


My mother just does not. GET. This.

Maybe it's because she's an ignorant bitch who doesn't listen to her daughter explaining the processes to her over and over again, or maybe it is because she has no experience of higher education and lacks a hands-on understanding. Processes which my Nan, who is incredibly stressed because her husband has cancer and needs a lot of care, and her sister is ageing rapidly, can remember and has knowledge of. Incidentally, my Nan also has greater awareness of my deadlines and what grades I received than she does, and she also makes an effort to tell me how proud she is, and ask other questions about the subject itself.

I'm not trying to say that my Mom should have a comprehensive awareness of everything that goes on in my life, but she expects me to drop everything during exam and essay hand-in period to drive her around everywhere because she will be too drunk to do so. Later today - two days from my satire essay due date - I will be expected to do this.

And then she will wonder why I don't want to socialise with her or even live with her.

Beause, urm, my essay is far more important than watching some shitty football match with your arrogant prick of a boyfriend? Perhaps? Is that SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO difficult for her to understand? 


Exam period yet again!

And for once, thus far, I am not terribly, terribly stressed.

This is not normal. I should be a crying, anxious, paranoid, 'OH EM GEE I AM GOING TO FAIL' wreck.

Maybe it will come next week or something. I feel a lot more prepared for the workload this time around, even though it's been significantly more than what I had last year.

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