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I feel a lot better today. I had a bit of a cry about my Nan after seeing her obituary in the newspaper (or, at least, in the online version of the newspaper), and then had a small, nice drink for her.

Tomorrow is the funeral, and I went to the student house in Newcastle and picked up some of my smart clothes for tomorrow. I'm going to show them to my Mom and let her decide what is most appropriate - I have been fortunate enough, at twenty years of age, to have only attended one funeral so far, but I was still quite young then and wasn't too sure of what was going on. I don't want to offend anyone by dressing inappropriately or anything - that's not what I'm there for.


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Aug. 9th, 2011 04:40 pm (UTC)
As a semi-professional funeral goer...

Simple, smart black is best. No saggy jeans or hoodies, no glitter or glaring prints. And I reserve the right to judge the Hell out of anyone who shows up at a funeral in a miniskirt and a tiny top, only to show their own skin.

Of course there are exceptions, varying from the person being buried and their culture and style, but... You can't at least go wrong with that. ^^

Btw, as horrible as this sounds in the context of your posts, I'm very glad you're updating. I'm worried about my UK friends what with the riots going on. :(
Aug. 9th, 2011 05:24 pm (UTC)
Aww it's sweet of you to offer me advice =] Luckily I mostly wear black, but the reason I went back to the student house was because the black stuff at my Mom's is a bit too cleavage-y, and I knew *that* wouldn't be terribly appropriate.

It's also sweet of you to worry about me! Luckily nobody in my area has begun rioting. The closest is Birmingham, about an hour's drive away. So long as the recklessness and stupidity doesn't spread down the motorway, we're fine =] It's very scary stuff though, a few of my uni friends live in London and the footage on TV is frightening to watch, knowing that. It also caused some people to come out as racist - There are certain areas of London with a very large black community, and an old friend of mine from work was effectively 'tarred with the same brush' as some of the people from that community indulging in a spot of looting. It's so stupid... I hope it all stops soon and the people rioting get a grip... And get caught.
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